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After the meandering debut full length album 'Red Lines Entwined' (2009), the Oulu-based prog band Depth Beyond One's (DBO from now on) return with another EP. There are three song on this release, but by no means is this a simple affair. Far from it.

There's hardly a typical, straight rock rhythm heard. Mathematics is the language of the universe, as is said, and in DBO, you got to be a "human calculator" type musician. Surely there are mathematic models in these compositions. I usually dislike all too weird, untypical rhythm-work, but DBO surprised me once again with interesting, influential pulses. When it works, like here, it can be nothing else but perfect.

The title track is a distressing portrayal of modern scrutinize civilization, where nothing is personal anymore. The song feels like it was a short movie, and therefore reminds me of Mike Patton's Mr. Bungle. It is a noisy song, loaded with turns and twists. Math and djent metal, prog mentality and music, twists, spasms, jazz, oppression, film noir style atmosphere. And then it's time for something completely different, when tender 'Reborn' beautifully flows from speakers. Acoustic guitars with some non-distorted lead guitar work remind me of some Opeth song. It is warm and cosy, truly an opposite of the title track. My favorite song is the epic 'An Order Depleted'. Jean-Michel Jarre style synth-work at the beginning and later on, oppressive atmosphere again with "agent" twist, and devastating rhythmics. The vocals are mainly about low, guttural growling, but the ex-vocalist fantastically sings on 'Reborn'. While the songs are varying, when compared to each other here and even by themselves, the release somehow feels very firm. There is more happening during these 13 and a half minutes than on many a proper full length album. The sound is thoroughly organic. However, I wish that the guitars were a bit more biting.

If you want twisting heavy music, then I suggest you check this one out. It's both tight and loose, in many ways, but thoroughly interesting and deserves two thumbs up!

Rating: 8½ (out of 10) ratings explained

Reviewed by Lane
08/26/2012 18:22

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Depth Beyond One's

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Monuments of Control
1. Monuments of Control (06:06)
2. Reborn (02:28)
3. An Order Depleted (04:56)
= 00:13:30
Progeiitti Records 2012

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