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I haven't previously heard this kind of amalgamation of metal music, classical music and opera. Molllust who hail from Leipzig, Germany, present their characteristic sound with their debut album 'Schuld' (translates to e.g. guilt, shame, blame, debt). This definitely differs from the likes of Therion, Nightwish and so called metal opera creators such as Avantasia and Ayreon.

Molllust's compositions are heavily based on classical music. They hardly ever go into rock-based songwriting. There is no big symphonic orchestra here, but a piano, cellos and violins providing the classical element. There's no big choir used, but mainly only a soprano vocalist with her warm voice. There are some dark-voiced male vocals too. The metal side includes distroted guitar, providing riffs (from shredding to slower) as well as lead guitar melodies. The bass provides a pulsating backbone with the drumming, which is just as varying as expected. Heaviest stuff is double kick drumming.

The album contains a variety of moods. Starting with enchanting and melancholic, yet powerful 'Sternennacht', the album goes through feelings and vibes such as madness, cheerfulness, dreariness, sadness and whatnot. On the whole, this is a dark album, even though there are a few joyous moments here and there. The soprano is able to adduce these moods and feelings by singing. The songs aren't straight, but carry quite a lot of variation in them.

The production is down-to-earth, and it never gets pompous, for the fact, that there are no big orchestras or choirs heard. It still can be rather epic whenever needed so. However, the main point, which is how the classical and metal music instruments fit together, is well enough achieved. The album comes in a digipak, and the artwork is kept rather minimalist.

I do not listen to classical music, so all the classical elements that I get to hear come from metal music. For a metal head, this is okay. 'Schuld' is professionally created and I believe it will be a joy to listen to by those who love classical music as much as metal music. Keep that in mind when looking at my score, please. If you think the assimilation of classical, opera and metal music styles would be grand, them this one is for you.

Rating: 6½ (out of 10) ratings explained

Reviewed by Lane
03/22/2013 16:04

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album cover
1. Ouvertüre (02:39)
2. Sternennacht (04:13)
3. Alptraum (03:40)
4. Aufwind (04:30)
5. Spiegelsee (03:47)
6. Lied zur Nacht (04:40)
7. Pupopentanz (04:17)
8. Tanz des Feuers (03:53)
9. Erinnerungen (04:56)
10. Schatten (05:20)
11. Kartenhaus (05:56)
= 00:47:51