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Enthrope's second output is the 3-track demo 'Silenced Earth'. While it is a demo, it sounds totally professional, and why not also look like it. The debut EP 'Universe Mute' was already a very "ready" piece of metal music, so it was interesting to hear how the band had evolved.

Enthrope's mission was to "combine dark, death metal music with more atmospheric and ambient sounds to fulfill the concept", and this is basically what this one is about, too, except not that much death metal I think. The band build their mid-paced songs from heavy guitar riffs, dark lead guitars, atmospheric and big keyboards (anything from choirs to electronic bleeps), growled and shouted vocals, plus loud rhythm section. The song writing is well-flowing between hard-hitting modern metal and calmer parts. 'Silence the Earth' is like a good version of Mercenary, albeit without clean vocals. That's just a small description about Enthrope's music, however, because they have been able to make it all sound their own. And it is an interesting journey. Lyrics are absent, but it is easy to guess just by looking at the song titles and the cover art what they are all about. The cover art brings the Chernobyl disaster in my mind.

Better than the debut EP? I don't know, because I have my favourites on both of these releases. 'Silenced Earth' strengthens my opinion, that Enthrope are ready to make their debut album, without a single doubt. I predict that that is what will happen very soon indeed if there is any justice in this world...

Reviewed by Lane
06/01/2008 19:27

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album cover
Silenced Earth
1. Silence the Earth (04:48)
2. Cloud Six (06:13)
3. End It All (06:19)
= 00:17:20